Oat Bran

Oat bran is getting more and more popular after some celebrities revealed that the secret of their good health is indeed Oat Bran.

The famous Dukan diet writer Pierre Dukan has mentioned Oat bran as one of the beneficial breakfast cereals that can help you in gaining good health.

Important points about Oat bran

Oat bran is rich in fiber

Oat bran is one of the foods that is rich in fiber. It is one of the best sources of fiber along with essential nutrients and vitamins. It is hence advisable to consume more oat bran as it keeps the digestive system in place,

Oat Bran does not contain gluten

Some people have intolerance for gluten. Not so with with oat bran. because it does not contain any gluten at all. Gluten is a substance that is a type of sugar found in some foods like wheat.

People suffering from IBS , AKA irritable bowel syndrome are more concerned about gluten so Oat bran becomes one of the best foods available to them.

Oat bran is proven to reduce bad cholesterol

Because of obvious reasons, its rich vitamins and anti-oxidants oat bran helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. It supports heart function. Increases bile production in the liver.

Oat bran vs Wheat bran

Oat bran is one of the foods that is often compared with wheat bran. Wheat has been more popular in eastern country as a staple food as compared to oat bran.

however, oat bran does not contain gluten like wheat does. So oat bran is becoming the new wheat for people suffering from digestive disorder and gluten intolerance issues.

Wheat is on other hand nt advised for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

how to use oat bran

  • The best use of oat bran is to mix it with bread and consume it.
  • Another way to consume oat bran is to cook porridge and drink it in the breakfast.
  • It is a good alternative to expensive health vitamin supplements. Offers benefit in different ailments.

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