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Technology can sometimes have negative impact on our lives.

One such example is that using technology unnecessarily we remove the outer layer from grains. This outer layer is important part which contains many essential nutrients and health benefits for us.

In this wiki, we will try to cover different topics related to bran of different fiber related products available in the market.

For a start we would cover following topics

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What is bran?

Bran is the outer protective layer of common cereals. They are rich in fiber and essential nutrients and vitamins. In modern times the outer layer or the bran is removed while the manufacturing process. This is unfortunate because the outer layer of the bran is very beneficial for human health. Bran is beneficial for weight loss and heart health.

Are there any scientific proof

Yes, there are many studies conducted which prove that bran like oat bran is really beneficial for health. Some of the popular diet programs like the Dukan diet also promotes the usage of oat bran.

Dukan diet is one of the most popular diet followed in France. It is followed by millions of people all over the world and getting more popular in the western and American world.

Is Bran benefits a selling gimmick?

No none of the claims made by bran is not a gimmick. Oat bran is widely available and one of the cheapest source of foods in areas like US and other. So these people have no reason to use it without any real purpose or benefit.

So it is very unlikely that there is any hype surrounding the bran world.

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